The Kiziloz family; Beyza (teacher) & Ergun (engineer) and our twin daughters Yagmur and Sude. We're living in the modern part of Avanos.

My grandfather's cave house was sold to a German family when I was a child. Altough me and my wife have been living in Avanos since our childhood, we always wished to have a cave house in the ancient part of Avanos. And in 2003 we bought the house. The most important reasons for choosing this house are; strong architectural character and unique Cappadocia and Kizilirmak scenery. We restored the house in 2004 and finished the decoration in the beginning of 2005. We hope you like.
And now this historical house is back to life again and called Avanos Evi.

In the weekends, when we don't have guests we rest in the peaceful atmosphere of the house.

Kiziloz Family